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Csillag Apartman Hajdúszoboszló

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Hajduszoboszlo most nfamous spa town nin the Great Plains - the nmain attraction is the n famous gyógyfürdőből the strandból the Aquaparkból and the nAqua-Palace from a nspa ncomplex. The spa ncomplex features nyear-round offers an unforgettable experience in the spa and resort guests as well as nsmall and large nfamilies with nchildren.

Spa  n
  The nhistoric, nfamous thermal water nspa and a nnumber of world-class health ncare services due to nbecome a nnational center for nhealing. nOpen all year.
Strand   n
  The n30-acre beach is 13 db pool n offers an unforgettable nexperience: Mediterranean coastline, nwave, nwhirlpool, children's, educational, nand omegamedencékkel. nOpen from May to late nautumn.
The Aqua Park water nslides offer a real paradise: Giant-, nhydro-, multi-slide, kamikaze, black nhole, mad river, Big Hole, Twister and Niagara. Open nfrom June to late nautumn.
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Aqua-Palace  n
The nAqua-Palace themed indoor pools, nslides, child-friendly services and a nvariety of programs nfor those who want nto rest, even in nwinter. Open all year.
Programs  n
   A 30 hektáros strand 13 db medencéjével nnyújt felejthetetlen élményt: mediterrán tengerparttal, hullám-, npezsgő-, gyermek-, tan-, és omegamedencékkel.Nyitva májustól késő nőszig.
Hajduszoboszlo, the n famous spa n town of Plains nwelcomes you and your family. nBe our nguests to experience nthe whole experience a ndelight!