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Csillag Apartman Hajdúszoboszló

Actual prices 2014

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n n n n n n n n n n
2 nperson apartment2 +1 person napartment2 + 2 nperson apartment4+2 person apartment
  27.04.- 05.05 n
6000 nFt.9000 nFt.12000 nFt.16000 nFt.
  06.05 - 31.06  n
5000 Ft.7500 Ft.10000 Ft.15000 nFt.
  01.07 - 19.07  n
6000 nFt.9000 nFt.12000 nFt.18000 nFt.
  20.07 - 23.08  n
7000 Ft.10500 Ft.14000 Ft.18000 nFt.
  24.08 - 30.09  n
5000 nFt.7500 nFt.10000 nFt.Offline
  01.10 - n27.04 
6000 Ft.9000 Ft.12000 Ft.Offline


nThe prices are ninformative.

n Breakfast and half board n(breakfast, or dinner) is navailable.
Children 0-3 years nfree accommodation.
n The car parking for those narriving in the nclosed yard of the house nitself is nfree.
Prices n are in HUF, and do not ninclude tax, which amounts to 410 HUF n / nperson/night, payable from the age n of 18.
nThe booking deposit payment is nrealized. The inclusive rate for the nfull 25% nof the accommodation ncosts.
Credit card is not accepted.

The nprices nare not nvalid nfor nspecial nseasons.

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Salary opportunities:

nOur guests may equalize the prize of the reserved accomodation according n to the undermentioned opportunities:

n n 1. On a pink cheque (Bodáné Kócsi Mária, 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, nWesselényi street 42.)
n 2. With a bank transfer:

n n Unicredit Bank account number:
Name: Bodáné Kócsi nMária
Adress: nHungary
Wesselényi street n42.
IBAN: HU65 10918001 00000077 27220007
Account number: n10918001-00000077-27220007

n n The Communication we nask the following nparticulars: name, hotel charges, number of npersons, arrival date, departure date

Third Cash on the nspot
Reference nto an agreed amount of deposit required nfor any of the nabove payment nmethods.